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Why I started Easthouse

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Hi 👋 I'm Freddie, the Founder of Easthouse.

I've worked as a Product Manager in the Electric Vehicle (EV) & Renewables sector for the last 5 years and I can honestly say, I loved every second.

I've helped renewable energy giant Octopus Energy launch an EV leasing business, Octopus Electric Vehicles, supporting them build an application that manages the end-to-end journey of leasing an EV. I've also helped EV charge point manufacturer Andersen EV grow their software proposition, Konnect+, to become a premium product that so many of their customers use and trust on a daily basis.

Easthouse wordmark

But why have I left these EV innovators to start Easthouse?

Despite COVID, the last few years has seen the tech market explode. Everyone is after product managers & developers to help them forge their next world beating web or mobile app. I've experienced this first hand, spending a good portion of the last 5 years searching for new developers to bolster my teams Octopus & Andersen.

However, I noticed a problem. As EV and sustainable tech becomes more complex, how do you build development teams with the experience, breadth of knowledge and passion (such an easy quality to overlook) to deliver software that meets the ever rising standards of the industry.

This is where Easthouse comes in. We pair my years of industry & software delivery knowledge with some of the finest development talent I've had the pleasure of working with, to create a one-stop-development-shop specifically for businesses in the EV, renewables and sustainability space. We're not your typical software house; being a boutique team means we can be agile and responsive to your requests. Our background in the industry means we want to see your products flourish from a personal level, ensuring we'll go the extra mile to deliver success.

We ambition is not simply to be a 'plug-in', we see ourselves as an extension of your team.

We're so clear about our commitment to sustainability that we pledge to commit 1% of every projects profits to support energy poverty in frontier countries alongside our partners, Bboxx (more about this to come soon 👀).

I'm always keen to chat to anyone and everyone who's similarly aligned. If you'd like to have a chat, I'm always reachable on



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