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The Easthouse NFT Collection

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

I recently had some new illustrations made for the Easthouse website by the brilliant Ollie Farthing. I wanted something that captured our core offering with a healthy dose of creative flair, and Ollie really delivered.

Sustainable software services
Easthouse Main Illustration

I love it. It encapsulates everything we love doing - building digital products across mobile and web platforms for clients across all areas of the sustainability sector. Crucially, it also shows our creative side.

I'm a firm believer that the importance of creativity shouldn't be underestimated, especially when designing digital products. Creativity isn't something we're short of at Easthouse and I wanted our illustrations to show the many strings to our bow.

The illustration got me thinking about other areas where technology and creativity are starting to fuse. One such area which is attracting a lot of attention at the moment is the NFT market.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. The term "Non-Fungible" (a new term to me until recently) simply means an asset which can only be swapped for something of completely equal value. NFTs represent ownership of a particular digital asset (like a JPEG. image or domain name) and are often bought using cryptocurrencies, though they are not a crypto-currency themselves. The easiest thing to compare NFTs to is Pokemon cards. They have no value apart from the perceived value of those who collect and trade them, and are often used as a status-symbol. However, NFTs have taken expensive collectables to the next level with the highest value NFT selling recently for $69.3 million.

This all gave me an idea. Could I turn the JPEGs of my new illustrations into NFTs? Not for the money, just to see how hard it is to do.

I took this simple idea to Google and quickly found my way to Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace on the internet. From here, things were pretty straight forward. I've dabbled in crypto in the past so I already had a Trust Wallet account setup to link to Opensea. And with that, I was in. Linking my wallet automatically created a profile for me from which I could "Create" new NFTs simply by uploading, formatting and 'minting' my chosen digital file, in this case a JPEG of the illustration.

All I had to do then was create my own collection to add the NFT to: The Easthouse Collection

The whole process took me less than an hour (granted I already had Trust Wallet setup) but it was all pretty easy. For digital creators who want to use the platform to sell their creations, I think it's brilliant. Every NFT transaction is secured by the Etherium blockchain, so no-one can modify or falsify ownership. That means if you've created or bought an NFT, it's yours forever.

I must admit, I wrote this blog as a bit of fun and in the hope it might help sustainable creatives build their digital artwork platform. Easthouse aren't a crypto house specifically. That being said, if there's something sustainbility focused that you're looking at which uses the blockchain network, I'd be more than happy to chat.


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