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The impact of technology in the fight against climate change

People often ask me - "What's the best thing I can do to reduce my carbon footprint'".

The obvious answers (amongst many others) are reduce your meat intake, switch to a renewable energy supplier and choose clean mobility options where possible. These are all great options (and should definitely not be ignored) but I also think there's a big, additional option missing from this list: form sustainable routines which leverage technology.

As humans, we like routine. Routine give us structure to complete mundane tasks. For example, I routinely do my washing on a Sunday evening in the same way and at the same time. The way I do this pretty mundane action has become habitual. It's not a bad thing - routines like this one help me to complete an action more efficiently so that I can get on and focus on doing more important things, like spending my Sunday evening in front of the TV watching Squid Game.

But what if I could change or adapt my routines to become more 'green' with the use of technology. To explain what I mean by this, let's use the washing machine example from earlier as a case study. What if I amend my routine just slightly to use alerts from my energy supplier (and old employer) Octopus Energy to tell me when the price of my energy is at its lowest that evening, and only switch on my wash when the price of energy is cheaper and greener. This might mean I do my wash at 9pm rather than 6pm but fundamentally I've still been able to spend my Sunday evening doing everything I need to do. At the same time, it's saved me money and enabled me to use energy at a much lower carbon intensity.

Before you start thinking this is a one-off example, it isn't. As I sit writing this I have my phone open looking for dinner recipes as I have a couple of friends coming over later on. I'm using the Kuri app to find a recipe that uses seasonal, low-carbon ingredients. The recipes are just as good (no, better) than going the another site and they help me to reduce my carbon footprint. Another example of leveraging tech to make something a routine as dinner planning, easy and eco-friendly.

I believe that leveraging these technologies and others like these is the answer to fighting climate change longer term - and all we need to do is take our existing habits, and improve them.

We're lucky enough at Easthouse to be developing an array of habit forming technologies that enable sustainable progression. We embed habit forming principles into all of our products so that they have the highest chance of creating genuine value in the sustainable ecosphere.

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